The Morning-After Pill

 Before taking the Morning After Pill you should get information 

about how it works and how it could affect your health.

Also known as Plan B or Plan B One Step, The Morning After Pill is a large dose of a powerful 

hormonal drug (levonorgestrel).  When this drug is taken as a contraceptive in a daily routine, 

it is only available by prescription and is given in much smaller doses.  A complete medical 

history would also be taken for the safety of the woman.  If there is a history of smoking 

or heart disease it could be life threatening for her to take this drug.

None of these safeguards are done before a woman takes the Morning After Pill


Information about Plan B

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

Not always.

Pregnancy occurs at fertilization.  If the woman has ovulated at the time of the sexual activity, an egg is present awaiting the sperm from the male.  Fertilization can take place in as little as 30 minutes after intercourse.  The newly formed embryonic human begins his life by traveling down the fallopian tube toward the uterus.

How does it work?

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

 Plan B – is a series of pills taken within 2 hours of sexual intercourse; the first pill right after intercourse and the 2nd pill 12 hours later.

Plan B One Step – is one larger dose of the powerful drug.

If conception has taken place the Morning After Pill becomes an abortifacient:

-Slows the transport of the embryonic human through the fallopian tube increasing the chance of a very dangerous eptopic pregnancy

-Hardens the lining of the uterus so that the embryonic human cannot implant:  thus causing an abortion

If conception has NOT taken place, this powerful drug was taken for nothing

What are the side effects?

Does Plan B Prevent Pregnancy?

What are the side effects?

 -Nausea and vomiting (50% of the time)

-Increased chance of eptopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy poses a grave threat to both mother and child)

-Can be abortifacient

Plan B does NOT protect you against sexually transmitted diseases