When facing an unplanned pregnancy, a woman may feel overwhelmed, confused, embarrassed 

and afraid.  It is important when deciding what to do, that she makes a informed decision.  She

 also needs to know that she is not alone, our Pregnancy Help Centers are here to help her

 through this difficult decision. There are three choices available to her:

We are here to help you make an informed, educated decision about your future


 Choosing to parent your baby can be a rewarding experience as well as one of the biggest challenges of your life.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

 Will I be able to financially and emotionally take care of my baby?

 Will the baby’s father be supportive?

 Will my family be supportive?

 Will I be able to provide a loving and safe home for my baby?

 Will I need a babysitter after the baby is born? If so, is that person responsible?

Choosing Parents for your Child (Adoption)

Some women choose to place their babies for adoption because they are unable to meet the financial, emotional or practical needs of a baby at this time.  This is a loving and sacrificial choice because the mother will carry her baby for nine months and probably establish a strong emotional bond with her child.  She makes the decision to select loving parents that can provide for the needs of her baby because she wants what is best for her baby.

The decision to place a baby for adoption can be made at any point in the pregnancy or after the baby is born.

There are different types of adoption the birth parents can choose from:

Open adoption:

The birth mother meets and selects the adoptive parents, they have some contact after the baby is born, whatever is agreed upon.

Semi-open adoption:

Birth parents and adoptive parents will know each other by first names only, but an adoption agency or third party mediates all communication between families.

Closed (Confidential) adoption:

The adoption agency selects the adoptive parents and there is no contact or exchange of any identifying information (i.e. full names and addresses) between the birth mother and adoptive parents.

There are sacrifices and consequences with all parenting choices.  When you consider adoption it forces you to think about the future for you and your child.  Choosing other parents to raise your child isn’t an easy way out it is a mature act of selfless love for your child


 Although abortion may appear on the surface to be a quick fix for an overwhelming problem, its effects can be devastating and can last a lifetime. 

See more information on our Abortion page


You're NOT alone!!

Maybe you have shared the fact that you are pregnant with your friends or family. If you have, it is likely that you have heard many opinions about what you should do. You may be feeling pressure to have an abortion. Remember that no one, not your friends, not your boyfriend, not even your parents can force you to terminate your pregnancy. That decision is yours alone, no matter how old you are. And remember, the father of your child is required by law to help support the child.

If you would like to talk to one of our counselors, who have had years of experience in dealing with situations similar to yours, please schedule an appointment at one of our Pregnancy Centers. 

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